Another sale – Lee seems happy :)


Well here she is….old Bluey. My birthday present from my lovely missus. Bridge Street Guitars Aged daphne blue Bridge-Caster with Fender Custom Shop Texas Special pickups, and 4 way switching.  Alder body, rosewood ‘board on maple neck, v…intage style split post tuners and Custom Cooletch rusted verdigris and black paisley-esque nickel silver scratchplate. Many thanks to BadBob Bates for his hospitality and for a mini jam while I tried this and a few others in the range. Believe me these guitars are just simply awesome and beat the living hell out of any of the bog standard “bigger name” guitars out there “off the shelf”. Put together by people who know and love their guitars and who are so into what they do it is actually a struggle to get them to part with them – lol. Cannot wait to get out there gigging with this litte lady who will be my go to guitar now. With 4-way pick up switching this will cover anything and everything I need it for. Going from warm bluesy tones to bright jangly telecaster tones as you would expect and everything in between and past it. Can grunge with the best of them but roll back the volume and you have the sweetest clean tones as well. I move a few guitars back and forth but “Bluey” is a keeper and that’s a promise. Thanks guys for everything and wishing you more success with these stunning instruments. See More



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