January Sale 2017 – surf green bridgecaster: £650!!!!

Bridge Street Guitars New Year sale. We missed a couple of guitar shows last year so two bridge street bridge casters are available at knock down prices £650 each.  See below.

Get in touch for more info.

Both bridge street guitars are nitro finished, flaws are photographed and both come with either a tweed case or a moulded case. They each have etched metal and patinated scratch plates (Custom CoolEtch) which can be swapped for current stock if you want. The surf green has Seymour Duncan pick ups – vintage stack in bridge – hot and hum free) and the blonde has fender custom shop no caster pick ups (very vintage). Otherwise largely vintage spec and standard wiring.

Five way wiring for the pickups is available by request at an extra  charge of £20.

“Relicing” from mild to heavy is also available at an additional charge reflecting the level.





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